Education Quality and Resource Advancement (EQRA)

Values and Vision

EQRA is the educational initiative of the MCC. EQRA understands the valuable role that enhancing knowledge and skills have on the well-being of a community.

Beneficial knowledge and skills are one of the keys to elevating and empowering members of a community to experience shared prosperity and growth.


  • Disseminate relevant knowledge and skills to the larger community.
  • Welcoming SAFE SPACE for community members to collaborate by opening dialogue, mentorship, and shared service projects.
  • Attract and recruit qualified residents to share relevant knowledge and skills, in a class, lecture, workshop, or discussion style.
  • Aspires to prepare community members for humanitarian and social services through complementing current community initiatives, unifying diverse groups, and empowering people through education.
  • Seeking community partnerships based on common ground. We are not discriminating based on differences. We believe life is precious and short, and wish to unify the community on shared values which we can then translate to shared action steps toward community building projects and services.
  • Through these named methods, EQRA hopes to improve the culture and climate of Southeast Houston resulting in positive social change.


  • Serve as a non-profit initiative that will try to make its programming as accessible as possible.
  • Reenergize and reinvent the community with its own wealth of voluntary resources
  • Rekindle neighborhood relationships to serve shared goals benefitting the community.
  • Have the best publicity methods which will reach the target participant pool to recruit them to our events and offerings.
  • Provide regularly scheduled programming to benefit varied audiences. For example, some programming will be targeted to the community at large, while others are geared toward specific niches which are underserved.

Accessing Resources for Improving Student Education (ARISE)


Purpose of ARISE

ARISE is a non-profit social service program working with youth to help them achieve their highest potential and face their challenges.


A trained and diverse volunteer team will deliver the ARISE program to youth incorporating interactive discussion. Sessions conducted are 1.5 hours on Saturdays.

Target Beneficiaries

ARISE will recruit participants aged 12 to 18 from nearby schools, youth groups, clubs, mentorship programs, as well as solicit and accept referrals from the local community and governmental agencies.

You Can Help

The success of the ARISE program is a team effort made up of committed volunteers and participant base.

Steps to Volunteering for ARISE

  1. Fill out the Volunteer application
  2. Attend the group training date. Details to be announced
  3. Complete a one-on-one curriculum web coaching meeting
Volunteer With ARISE