Food Pantry Program (FPP)

FPP Mission:

Help feed people in our community to improve their general well-being.

FPP Vision:

To rid our community of hunger and its menaces by food distribution and emergency assistance.

The MCC is a tax-exempt non-profit food pantry mission that diligently serves south east of Harris County, Texas. MCC-FPP's primary goal is to reach the hungry and food-insecure with necessary food supplies through soliciting, storehouses, collecting, and packaging food for distribution.


  • Baby food pantry program
  • Emergency assistance program
  • School children's Backpack food program
  • Food and nutrition education programs

Service Recipients

  • Open to Everyone
  • Free to Everyone
  • Organizations fighting hunger

Clothing Re-Sale Program (CRSP)

CRSP Mission:

Creating a culture of service and outreach to provide high-quality products to our community at a minimum cost.

CRSP Vision:

Self-sustaining clothing resale centerthat supports individuals and families of southeast Houston, creates jobs, and builds career skills.

The MCC mission is to have a positive impact on the community, CRSP will support that mission by providing quality clothes at a minimum cost. CRSP shall also empower our youth and program participations through engaging in a daily running operation to maintain the program and achieve its goals.


  • Advertising for clothes donations
  • preparing and sorting
  • Displaying for resell
  • Daily management of CRSP operations

CRSP Benefits

  • provides a social return on investment
  • self-sustaining community function
  • Job opportunities and Skill building

You Can Help

The success of the MCC programs depends on Volunteers. if you are willing to support MCC GIVE program contact us @ MCC GIVE