Our Mission

To connect and inspire people to work together for a better future.

Our Vision

A world united through mutual understanding and friendship.

Our Motto

Meet. Connect. Contribute.

MultiCultural Center

The MultiCultural Center (MCC) is a state-of-the-art facility that enhances the interaction between Southeast Houston's diverse cultural and religious groups through social, educational, recreational, and service-oriented activities while celebrating our shared humanity and addressing our common challenges.

Our major services

The MCC serves as a community service and development center.

Mercy Clinic

Provides health screenings, medical awareness classes, and health services addressing Texas residents’ need for healthy eating and active living.


Supports hunger relief and children's food assistance efforts through partnerships and collaboration with the Houston Food Bank.


A comprehensive tutoring program using evidence-based practices to reduce students’ stress and improve social skills, self-image, and academic performance.

Legal Support Center

The LSC offers consultation, resources, advice, and educational classes, all of which relies on qualified volunteer attorneys who are willing to support the Houston community.

Family First Center

The FFC provides knowledge and skills required to establish and maintain happy families. Highly qualified counselors volunteer to give marriage, parenting, and teen/adolescent counseling services.

Our Events